What Is Rezieo?

The platform is strategically designed to streamline the interview screening and job market process for both the candidate and the hiring manager. Our humanistic approach not only saves time and money but provides a unique and personal experience that paper resumes cannot.

How We Got Our Start

Our Founder and CEO Brian experienced first-hand the inefficiency and disconnect of the current model of talent acquisition. How many paper resumes and paper cuts does an HR Team have to endure before someone says, “There has to be a better way.” Obviously, the present methods are tired, time-consuming, costly, and outdated. We believe there is a critical need for a more digital, streamlined, and reliable way to match the right candidate with the right position – and from that belief, Rezieo was born.”

The Future Of Rezieo

The future is bold and bright for Rezieo. Our mission is to create a video resume and job screening platform to be used across industries and for candidates across the globe. By embracing video technology and the digital world, we believe in leading the way in flipping the job market process on its head; say goodbye to antiquated paper resumes, and hello to Rezieo.